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I was born in Chicago in ’86.  I have always been inspired by the urban atmosphere of the big city.  I have always been inspired by art and design and some of my earliest memories are of visiting The Art Institute.  My passion continued throughout my teenage years when I spent countless hours at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The MCA is still one of my favorite places to go when I need to recharge my creativity.  I find I relate the most to the vivd colors and emotional expression of post-impressionist art with Henri Rousseau being one of my favorites.  When it comes to contemporary art, I really the equally colorful and emotional works of Gary Baseman.

For my own work I prefer to keep things simple.  I am fascinated by  color theory and it plays a large part in my designs.  I am a very versatile designer who can take any idea from the concept stage all the way to the final deliverable which is not only exceptional visually but maintains your brand’s integrity.